When does the ‘S’ become the ‘X’?

The first season of the Xaro XS chassis was unveiled in the early part of 2017 and the new Xaro chassis will feature an aluminium bodywork, a carbon fibre chassis, an aluminium roof, a rear wing and rear diffuser.

The new XS model will be available for the start of 2019, while the first model will arrive in 2020.

The car will be offered in two different trim levels, the first with a carbon-fibre roof and the second with a aluminium chassis.

The XS has been the subject of a lot of speculation since the unveiling, with the Japanese brand claiming that it was based on the X-class from the McLaren F1 team.

However, it remains to be seen if the new chassis will actually feature the same bodywork and chassis as the F1-winning car.

The Japanese brand has revealed that it has chosen a very different look to the XS.

The company said that it chose to use a carbon structure to create the XSR chassis and that this was based upon the design of the McLaren X-series.

“We have chosen to build a completely different design to the previous XSR,” a spokesperson for the company told Auto Motor und Sport.

“The design for this XSR was based not on the shape of the car, but rather on the bodywork that was developed for the McLaren McLaren F2 and McLaren F3.”

The spokesperson also claimed that the design has been refined for the new model and that it is “much more refined than the original”.

“The new design of this XS is far more refined, with a much more refined carbon structure and much more advanced aerodynamic qualities,” the spokesperson added.

“This is due to the new car’s use of carbon fibre construction.

Carbon fibre construction offers much stronger properties, with great durability.”

According to the spokesperson, the new design is “more durable, more aerodynamic, and also more efficient than the existing XSR”.

“This new XSR is much more efficient compared to the current XSR, and is much stronger,” the company explained.

“Its lower centre of gravity makes it very easy to control the car and to accelerate with a more powerful engine.”

It is believed that the X S will be based on a new version of the chassis developed for F1, with Honda, Red Bull, McLaren and Renault all involved in the project.

However the company has been vague about when the new cars will arrive.

“As for when the XRS will be launched, we will keep you updated,” the representative told Autosport.

“Until then, stay tuned for all the latest news on the new generation of F1 chassis.”

Source: Auto Motor Und Sport

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