DRC chassis: The original Dodge Dart chassis is coming back with a fresh coat of paint.

Chrysler has a new Dodge Dart car, but it’s still a Dodge Dart.

That’s because the new Dart is not a new car, it’s a new chassis, as Dodge says.

The Dodge Dart is an old-school, Dodge-designed car, and the new chassis is based on a concept originally conceived by the Dodge-owned American Automotive Research and Development Center in Detroit.

Dodge says the Dart will go on sale in 2019 and will be the company’s third sports car, joining the Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger.

The Dart will be available in three different trim levels, with the base model, the $60,000 Sport Edition, coming in 2019.

It will be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four, with a six-speed manual transmission.

The new Dart will have a “clean, modern appearance,” according to the automaker.

The car’s front end will feature an aggressive wedge shape, with large wheels, a high roofline, and a larger rear fascia.

The hood and side skirts will be made of carbon fiber, and its roofline will be cut down.

The dash, trunk, and door panels will be carbon fiber.

The headlights, taillights, and side mirrors will be aluminum.

The exterior will be black, with silver trim around the edges.

Inside, the Dart’s body will be machined from aluminum.

Inside the hood, the body will feature a single exhaust port, with LED taillight indicators on the side and front, and two small fog lamps on the back.

The bodywork for the rear is made of lightweight aluminum, and it has four side airbags, as well as a center console with a driver-adjustable steering wheel and pedals.

The driver can control the Dart using a steering wheel remote.

The engine will be an electric motor, with an electric turbocharger and a water-cooled turbochargershaft.

The transmission will be a six cylinder.

The rear seats will have side air bags and head restraints, with seat belts.

The interior is made from carbon fiber and aluminum.

DRC Dodge Dart prototype.

The front of the Dart is all carbon fiber with LED lights, tailights, a steering column, and pedals inside.

The back of the car is all aluminum.

This is the rear of the Dodge Dart, the Dodge Challenger, and Ford’s Focus RS.

The DRC Dart looks to be the smallest of the three new sports cars the automaking giant is building, with room for four adults and four kids in a backseat.

Dodge said the Dart “represents a new era for our brand, one that includes a sleek new design, an innovative powertrain and an all-new platform.”

DRC is building the new car in partnership with Dodge, but the new Dodge will be called the Dodge DRC, according to The Dodge Bible.

The company has not said when the Dart might go on the road, or when it will be offered in the U.S. The name Dodge Dart means “dart,” and it is an abbreviation of Dodge-Dodge, Dodge’s parent company.

The dallada is a nickname for the Dart, which was introduced in 1957, according the Dodge Bible, and is a vehicle made by Dodge to distinguish itself from other competitors.

The first Dodge Dart model was introduced as a limited-production model in 1957.

In 1970, Dodge sold the Dart to Ford, which used the car for a number of models, including a small car called the Challenger.

Chrysler built the first full-size sports car for the Ford brand, the Challenger SRT-8, in 1986.

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