What do you think about the Toyota Tacoma pickup’s new pickup box?

By Mike McClellan, Detroit Free PressThe Tacoma pickup has had a lot of changes this year.

It was redesigned with a more sporty stance, more aggressive stance, a more rear-wheel drive configuration and a more powerful engine.

The truck’s new trailer features a full-size trailer bed, which was added to the truck as part of the truck’s package.

The front-wheel-drive Tacoma is getting a more aggressive rear-row layout and it also has a more robust trailer bed.

It’s still a truck with a trailer that’s more than two feet wide, and that’s a big difference from a pickup that’s about three feet wide.

Tacoma pickup buyers can upgrade the truck to get the full-sized trailer bed for a hefty price.

The new Tacoma is expected to start at $30,500, according to the Tacoma News Tribune.

The Tacoma truck gets a larger trailer bed to improve its overall strength, but the new truck is expected do the same with its front-end strength, the newspaper reported.

The new Tacoma pickup truck is available for the 2017 model year.

The truck has a starting price of $37,100 and a 2019 price of just $36,500.

It is expected that the truck will be available with a 6-cylinder engine starting in 2018.

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