Exclusive: KRT xR3, XR3C chassis and XR4C chassis coming to TecToy – KRT

TecToy’s new XR chassis is one of the best looking and sounding cars on the market.

And the new XRs chassis is equipped with a ton of cool features to make it the best car in the market right now.

But it does not stop there.

The new chassis also features some incredible tech that make it even more fun to drive.

We are very excited to announce that the new KRT XR series will be releasing to our customers in the US.

The TecToy XR1 chassis is the latest iteration of the TecToy series of chassis that is also known as the TK3.

It was developed specifically for the T3 series, which is one model of the XR line.

The XR 1 chassis is built to be lightweight and agile, with a strong design language and high-end components.

It also comes with some impressive features including a 360 degree view, a supercar-like front fascia, and more.

For more on the TecRobot KRT chassis, check out the video above.

KRT xRT3 chassis and TK4C When TecToy released its new XRT chassis a couple of months ago, it was the first time we saw a new model in the KRT line.

Since then, there has been a lot of buzz about the new chassis, and some are calling it a beast.

The TecToy TK chassis is actually a different beast.

While it’s not the same as the new TK2, the TecTech TK series is a lot more advanced.

It’s got a supercharged engine that can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, and it is equipped to be a very fast car.

There is a new steering system, a power steering system with traction control and a super high-tech rear wing with a high-intensity LED.

It’s all powered by a TKR-1 battery pack that can get you up to 400 miles on a single charge.

The chassis is rated at 7,000 rpm, and is available in three different models.

The first is the XRT3.

This chassis is designed for the MX5.

The second is the TRT4.

The third is the TecRT4X.

These three chassis will be available to customers for the coming year.

This new chassis will also be available in a few other different colors in the coming months.

The colors will include red, white, blue and black.

The TRT3X chassis will come in two versions, the TKR3 and the TSR3.

TecToy XTR chassis and TecTech XTR1 chassisThe TecTech KRT3 series has already been announced as coming to US dealers.

But in the meantime, it will be released to customers in Mexico.

And while the new TecTech chassis will not be the only KRT model to make its way to the US, it is the most anticipated.

If you are a new customer looking for the next generation of KRT, the Krt XR-series is the car to get.

It will come with a lot to offer, with new technologies like traction control, adaptive cruise control, and a fully-integrated suspension system.

The TekTech XR6 chassis will probably be the most exciting and innovative KRT to come out in a long time.

The car will come equipped with the latest tech that will make it a force to be reckoned with in the MX6 class.

It is expected to be released in late 2017 or early 2018.

There are two models to be announced for the TecTrax TK6 chassis.

Both models will be based on the latest generation of the TKC6 platform, which was designed specifically for use in the TBR6 series.

The KRT6 chassis is powered by the TKO6 battery pack, which can get the car up to 5,000 miles on the single charge, which will make this chassis a beast to drive and is expected for an early 2019 release.

Finally, there is the KTSX chassis, which promises to be the next evolution in the X-series.

It has been rumored for a long while now that the TecTecTK series will feature a TK5.

It would be a big step up in power for the KTT6 chassis, but TecTech is still working on a number of new innovations.

The next KTS X series will arrive in the second half of 2018.

If you are looking for a car that is fast and capable, this new TecTECTK will definitely be worth your attention.

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