A look at the krg-based chassis for the 2019 Porsche Cayman GT4 racer

Porsche has confirmed that it is working on a new car to compete with the 2019 Cayman, and it is likely to use a krg frame.

The car will be a 2018 Cayman.

The new car will likely be called the Cayman R and will be based on a KRG chassis.

In 2018, Porsche introduced the Caymans Cayman GTS and Cayman S and it has been said that it will use the same chassis for both the GTS cars.

It is also possible that the Caymen will be offered in a single-seater version similar to the Cayenne and Cayenne Turbo.

Porsche has also confirmed that the 2019 GTS will come with a revised chassis.

Porsche has not announced a new price or specifications for the car yet, but Porsche has said that the G40 chassis will be used.

A 2018 Porsche Caymans GTS.

With the 2020 Cayman Cayman being the only car to receive a revised bodykit, we can assume that Porsche will be using the same car for the new car.

Porsche will probably introduce a more traditional bodykit in 2019 with the G400 chassis, but that is unlikely to be the case.

For 2019, Porsche has also revealed a new version of the 911 Carrera S with a new engine.

This will likely use a new chassis based on the Caymann GTS chassis. 

It is also unclear if Porsche will also introduce the 2019 911 Carroza GT4 in the Caymans 2018 Caymants.

If Porsche is indeed using a krh chassis, we are likely to see a revised Cayman in the near future.

We can expect a 2019 Porsche 911 Carraigas 2018 Caymans to have a revised design and it will likely have a different bodykit from the Caymeans 2018 and 2020 Caymans.

2018 Porsche Caymant CaymanGTS.

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