Ruger American chassis, Sage ebr, and Sage chassis kit review

We have covered the Sage eBR chassis before and we are sure we will continue to cover it.

So, what do we like about the Sage chassis and why?

First of all, it is made of steel and comes with an interior and a dashboard.

This is an ideal combination for any modern car enthusiast, who wants a more modern chassis.

The Sage chassis comes with some additional features that make it even more attractive.

First of these is the air intakes.

The exhaust has a large opening for the exhaust pipes, so it has a bigger area for the air to pass through.

You can see this in the photos below.

This gives the chassis an aerodynamic appearance.

Second of all is the chassis kit.

The kit includes the chassis, the engine, the steering rack, the brake pads, the shifter, and the suspension.

These parts are all built to the exact specifications.

The steering rack is a bit too small for most people, so this is a good thing, as it helps the chassis grip and get more stability.

We have already seen the Sage steering rack.

The suspension is very lightweight and it helps to make the chassis more stable.

The front axle is not very long and this gives the vehicle a good balance.

The rear axle is long and it gives the car more stability, which is good for handling.

Finally, the rear axle also helps the vehicle to roll more easily, and it is also great for stability.

The chassis comes in three different colors.

The black version comes with the wheels, but you can choose between three colors: red, silver, or black.

The price of the Sage is $2,299.00, which includes all the accessories.

For more information on the Sage, you can visit the company’s website.

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