Ferrari to launch 500 series on January 11

Ferrari will unveil a 500 series road-going racing car on January 9.

The new model will have a six-cylinder turbocharged engine, which makes it the first racing car with the turbocharger.

The 500 GTE will go on sale in April and it will be offered with an optional body kit.

The 500 GTR is a two-seater car that was developed with the help of Italian designers Vittorio Cusack and Stefano Domenicali.

Ferrari has been working on the car since the early 2000s and it was designed in cooperation with the Italian company.

The car has a unique shape and can be launched on a track as soon as January 9 and will be the first Ferrari to feature a supercharger as a performance boost.

The 250 GTE has a similar shape but has a different superchargers.

The Ferrari 500 GTF is also the first car to use a carbon fibre monocoque and its rear wing is made from carbon fibre.

The new 500 series will be sold in both the road-legal and road-competitive versions.

It will be priced at $350,000 and it is expected to have a production run of 5,000 units.

The 250 GTG will be available in a standard five-seaters configuration and it’s expected to offer a top speed of 200 kmph (125 mph).

The supercharged engine is expected have a maximum output of 2,500 horsepower.

The superchargable engine will power the Ferrari V12 engines which will make it the world’s fastest production V12 engine.

The Ferrari V8 has a claimed top speed between 200 km/h and 220 km/hr.

The 450 GT will be introduced on January 15, with the new model having a base price of $500,000.

The GTE is priced at a higher price of about $350 million and the V8 version will have an output of 3,500 hp.

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