What you need to know about the new ‘pc chassis’

Here’s what you need a PC chassis to run Windows 10 Pro.1.

You must have a PC motherboard with Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen processors, and at least 32GB of RAM2.

You need at least 512GB of storage3.

You will need at most 8GB of VRAM4.

You have to have at least 256GB of HDD space5.

You’ll need at minimum a 2TB hard drive or 1TB SSD6.

You can have a CPU, GPU, and network card.7.

You won’t be able to connect a wired or wireless LAN connection8.

You don’t need a power supply, unless you want to use your desktop for media or gaming.9.

The new chassis will run Windows 8.1 Pro.10.

You do not need to buy the new chassis in the US or Europe to use Windows 10.

If you do buy one in those markets, you will need to install the latest Windows 10 operating system.11.

The old chassis is the ‘classic’ PC, but Windows 10 is designed for a smaller PC, and it is a bit more difficult to configure than the new PC.12.

If your old chassis was too big, you might have trouble getting Windows 10 to boot from a USB flash drive or hard drive.

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