New Tesla Model S ‘Rage’ Coupe Specs: Inside

The new Tesla Model 3 is set to make its official debut at the New York Auto Show on January 20.

The car will be a very competitive option for anyone wanting to take on the Model S or X crossover or to buy an SUV, the new Tesla said.

Its name “Rage” is a reference to the infamous “Rapture” from the film “Ride Along” and is a hybrid design featuring a high-performance all-wheel drive (HWD) drivetrain and a battery pack in its back.

It also comes with a new front fender, a new rear bumper, a rear wing, a hood scoop, and new front and rear taillights.

The new Tesla model 3 is also expected to include new technologies like Tesla Autopilot, the company said.

The Tesla Model 4 is set for its debut in 2019.

The “Rampage” sedan is expected to start selling in 2019 and will have a price tag of $69,000, but that’s only a guess at this point, according to the company.

We’ll know more in January.

The Tesla Model X is expected in 2019, the first electric car for Tesla.

It will have an MSRP of $100,000 and will come with a 2.2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine.

The company said it’s a “clean” design that will “satisfy the most demanding buyers.”

The Model X will be available in two trim levels: the standard “S” and the X Luxury “X.”

The Model X Luxor will be offered in four different trim levels, the Luxury X, Luxury XL, Luxor S, and the Luxor Super.

The Luxor XL will be the highest-priced model.

The company has been pushing hard to sell its electric cars in the United States.

Tesla said last year it would add 100,000 full-time jobs in the next three years, and that it will create up to 300,000 jobs in that time.

Tesla’s stock price has been on a tear since the company announced its first electric vehicle, the Model X SUV, in 2014.

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