The Slovak Car is back!

The Slovaks have once again been crowned champions of the World Rally Championship, having won the title last year, and have been racing for the last few years under the banner of GSI chassis.

Their newest entry is a new creation for them, and this time it is a supercharged 5-litre LMP2 car powered by a super-charged 4.0-litres V8 engine and equipped with a carbon fibre chassis, a new rear wing, and a supercharger.

The result is a truly competitive car.

The Slovaks take the lead at the top of the standings with the LMP1 class, ahead of the new LMP3 class which includes the likes of the Audi R8, Porsche 919, Lamborghini Huracan GT3, Porsche 911, Lambo M1, Lamosports-backed Ford GT, and Aston Martin Vantage.

The LMP4 class has two cars in contention, while the LMS class is not yet settled.

GSI chassis’ entry in the LMR Championship, which is still to be decided, is the LGP1 class.

In the last five years the GSI LMP teams have had two cars race in the championship, with the second LMP team, GSI Car, winning the championship in 2012.

This year’s race in Slovakia is a chance for the new GSI car to prove its worth.

LGP1 cars will have to make do with a new specification for the LAPCC, which the Slovaks will use for the first time in 2017.

The new LGP2 specification will be different from the previous season, in that it will be more aerodynamic than the LCPCC.

This new LAPcc will have a total weight of 2,200kg, which makes it more aerodynamically efficient, and also the car will have more power and torque, the latter of which will be crucial in the upcoming LMP5 cars.

As a result, the car is also expected to have greater grip and better braking, while also providing more grip and cornering ability.

It will also have better fuel economy than the previous LGP class, and be a better track car than the last.

On paper, this new LMG will have even more horsepower than the first LGP car, as it will have 6,600kg of torque, but it will also be able to produce more torque on the brakes, which means the car can be faster at low speeds and sharper when cornering.

It will also provide more grip on the track, with a claimed 6.4g of grip per cent of the road surface.

In order to do this, the LMGs front suspension will have been upgraded, with more travel.

However, the front suspension of this car will not be used as a primary braking system, instead the rear will be used for braking.

This will mean that the LNGs front brakes are no longer used, and the LPGs front brake system will not have been modified to be more effective.

With the new suspension and braking, the Slovak LMG is more powerful and faster than before.

But this car is not finished yet.

The car is still being tested, with new parts being fitted to it and a new driver in the team.

This is due to the fact that the manufacturer will only supply parts for a maximum of three LMG cars, so the team will have two more to go.

This means that there will be a total of six LMG’s for the final race.

One of these is the new Ford GTE which was the team’s first LMG car in 2015, and was the car that was chosen by the FIA as the winner of the championship.

In 2018, the FIA will start evaluating the LGM3 cars, which will also feature a new chassis.

The final decision will be made in November, and it is expected that the new car will be announced in January 2019.

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