How to fix your Porsche 911 Turbo Sport chassis

The latest 911 Turbo sports car is coming to the UK in 2019 with a £70,000 price tag, with an average of around £2,000 more than the next-generation car.

It’s the Porsche’s fourth generation and the first since it was launched in 1992.

Its exterior is made up of two sections, a front bumper and rear bumper, and the rear wing is the same as the current model.

The rear wing was changed from a rigid foam to a metal frame that allows it to flex slightly.

The front bumper is covered in a light metal sheet and there is a large spoiler that helps keep it upright.

There are also four large airbags.

There’s also a special carbon fibre hood, which is designed to deflect the wind and improve aerodynamics.

The engine is also unique, with a twin turbocharger and an electric motor.

It’s mounted behind the driver’s seat.

Porsche says the 2018 911 Turbo has a range of about 140 miles on a single charge, although the current cars range is about 200 miles.

In 2019 the new model will have an output of around 320bhp, up from 280bhp in 2018.

The 2017 car was fitted with a 5.5-litre V6 and it produced around 480bhp.

The new engine is much more powerful, but the price tag is a bit higher.

It will cost around £70k, and you’ll get it from Porsche for just £30,000.

In the United States the price of the new Turbo will be $115k, with the new 2019 model costing $180k.

It has been reported that it will have a range over 300 miles.

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