When you’re building a workhorse chassis: Which options are best?

It’s the most commonly asked question when it comes to building workhorse, lightweight chassis.

The question has been debated for decades.

It’s hard to believe the chassis fabrication industry has been this quiet about the topic for so long.

“There’s a lot of different ways to build workhorse.

We use many different types of materials,” said Ken Gendel, president and CEO of CNC Industries.

“One of the things we try to do is make it as light as possible and minimize the amount of stress that’s put on it.”

Gendel said the workhorse industry has evolved from an assembly line to a production platform.

He said the shift was driven by advances in manufacturing technologies, including 3D printing, which allows fabrication to be scaled down.

“The whole point is you have to be able to make everything at once, and then you can scale up, scale down, scale up again,” he said.

The company is building the latest model of its chassis fabrication platform, the Nova, which is designed to be the most affordable chassis in its class.

It uses the same materials used in the Nova but uses a unique blend of materials that makes it lighter and stronger.

“We’ve created a lighter version of the Nova.

It has a lighter core and it’s also the lightest of all the platforms we’re making.

So the lighter version is the best,” Gendell said.

Gendels company is also offering an optional chassis upgrade for customers that need a lighter, more efficient platform.

“Customers are going to be looking for a lighter chassis and a smaller footprint, so we’ve designed a chassis upgrade package that’s going to save them money,” Gends CEO said.

“It has a very lightweight core, but it’s very efficient, it’s a very power efficient platform,” Gell said of the upgrade package.

“So customers that want a lighter platform can do that.”

Gell said the company plans to launch a new, lightweight version of its Nova platform later this year.

The Nova is a small-scale production platform that uses a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum.

It can make up to 1,000 pounds of workhorse materials at a time.

Gends workhorse platform is manufactured in small batches at its manufacturing facility in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The company says it takes about 10 days to produce a single Nova.

“When you’ve got an industrial platform like the Nova that’s producing these pieces of equipment that are a part of the workforce, it makes a big difference,” Genders CEO said of its new workhorse production platform.

“It’s a good platform for us to make the parts that we need for the factory that we’re going to use for manufacturing.”

Gends CEO explained that his company will be selling the Nova at a much lower price than the Nova because the workhouse has been designed for a much smaller footprint and it has been more flexible in its production schedule.

The new workhouse was built in partnership with the Florida Industrial Development Agency and the U.S. Department of Labor.

It is currently being used by workers who need a low-cost workhouse for their job, but there is a need for larger, more powerful machines for the manufacturing and service sectors.

“What we’re really doing is giving people a little more flexibility in their schedule so they can take advantage of what’s available, and that’s one of the advantages of using the Nova,” Gies said.

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