What the new Ford F53 looks like and sounds like: The new Ford chassis

Ford has unveiled its first-ever F53 sports chassis, a first for the automaker.

The new chassis is based on the iconic F-150 chassis that Ford introduced in 2017.

The new chassis has been crafted from lightweight aluminum, carbon fiber, carbon composite and carbon fiber composite materials.

Ford said the new F-53 sports model is designed to be a versatile platform for future F-Series models.

The Ford F-63 chassis will debut in 2018.

The F-43 will debut next year.

Ford also unveiled a few new technologies for its F-series sports cars, including the “C-Max,” an innovative all-wheel-drive system that is capable of up to 1.2G.

Ford says the C-Max system is “faster, more responsive and easier to control.”

Ford also says it will offer a “high-tech” ride assist system that allows drivers to “adjust throttle position and steering wheel angles.”

The F-54 sports car will debut at the 2017 Detroit auto show.

Ford has not revealed a release date for the F-56 and F-55.

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