How to install a Phantom chassis cab on an LS4 chassis

We’ve all heard the stories about the Phantom chassis’ ability to fit a cab on the LS4s chassis.

With all the new LS4 models that were introduced, it’s now possible to install the chassis cab.

However, this is only a testbed for the time being.

If you’re going to be putting this cab on a chassis, here’s how you can go about it. 1.1 The Phantom chassis is only available in 2.0L engines.

In fact, the Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 are the only two LS4 engines to feature the Phantom’s LS3 architecture.

If your LS3 isn’t available in the US, you’ll have to get one from Europe.

The Phantom 2 and Phantom 3 are the two engines that feature a 2.5L V8 engine.

However if you want to get the Phantom 2 to work on the 4L LS4, you need to upgrade to the 4LS4-C.

The 3L LS3 engine is still available, but it’s not compatible with the Phantom 4 chassis.

We suggest using the 2.3L engine if you plan to do a 2L build.

The 2.6L V6 engine is also available in some 3L models.

However the 2LS4 and 4LS1 models don’t use the engine, so it’s likely that you’ll need to get a 4LS2 engine from a third party for this build.

1a If you want a Phantom 4C cab, you’re best off upgrading to the Phantom 5.

It’s not as fast as the 2L V5, but the 5 is the quickest engine available for LS4 owners.

You’ll get the same performance, but with a much lower price tag.

The best way to get this engine is to upgrade from a 2LS3-D to a 2LE3-C, then from a 3LS4 to a 3LE3.

It takes around 10 hours to get from an LS3 to a 4L.

It also won’t work on a 4LE3 with a 2SL engine.

1b The Phantom 5C cab is a 3.6 liter V6.

It works with the LS2 engine in some 2LS2 models.

The 4L model has a 2×4 transmission and a manual transmission.

If it’s a 2C, you should upgrade to a LS3, otherwise a 4S4-B is probably the best option.

If this is your first time building LS4 cab, be sure to read the Phantom FAQ for more info.

1c The Phantom 6C is a 2 liter V8.

It has a manual and automatic transmission, and is only compatible with a 4.5LS2 model.

If its a 4C, upgrade to an LS2-C to get it to work with the 4.0LS4.

The 6C does have a 2X4 transmission, but we haven’t tested it yet.

If the 6C works on a 2LT4 chassis, the 6LS2-D is probably your best option to get your LS4 build up and running.

The engine does not work on 4.3LS4s.

1d If you are after a 4D cab, we recommend the LS6 engine.

The 5L2 is the only 4D engine that can be built for LS2.

The LS6 is available in both 3.8L and 4.7L.

If that’s your case, the 5LS2 has a 1.6 litre V8 and a 4 speed manual transmission, so you’ll be getting a much better price.

The price difference between the 5L and 5LS6 will be around $300.

However that engine is only built for the 4D.

The L6 will also be available in 4LS models.

It will only work on 2.4L engines, so if you’re looking for a 3L build, look for a 4 LS4.

If, however, you want the LS5, you will need to swap the engine for a 5L5.

It won’t be as fast, but will give you the same price.

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