How to get your own $100,000 truck

“The Ford Taurus, it’s the most powerful and most popular pickup on the planet,” the New York Times wrote.

“Ford’s Taurus is one of the best-selling trucks in the world.”

But if you’re a trucker, you’re probably thinking, What about a Taurus?

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To see if you could own one of these iconic pickups, the best way to find out is to take a look at this truck’s history.

Ford’s first model, the Taurus in 1963, was designed to offer truckers an easy way to haul their groceries, get to the office or school or go for a quick ride.

It featured a 4.2-liter V8 engine that delivered 300 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque.

It also had a six-speed manual transmission, which was one of Ford’s first efforts to make its trucks easier to operate.

The Taurus also had plenty of room for a load of goods to haul.

The pickup was a standard wagon, but it could also be a pickup with a bed and cargo rack, or it could even be a tractor-trailer truck with a large trailer bed and a cargo rack.

Ford also made the Tauruses as trucks with a two- or three-row cab and a bed, or as a semi-truck with a trailer bed, cargo rack and a front grille.

It’s the combination of these features that make Ford’s Taurus one of today’s most popular trucks.

The truck featured a wide variety of interior options and was also a versatile truck.

The Ford Taurusses could go from a normal wagon to a four-wheel-drive truck with an electric-power transmission, and there were even trucks that were equipped with a tow bar, a cargo-carrying rail and a full bed.

In 1965, Ford’s decision to build a truck with more room meant that it could accommodate heavier trailers.

Ford redesigned the Tusutas and made them larger and more powerful, with a four cylinder engine that was rated at 340 horsepower and 360 pound-foot of torque, according to Ford’s website.

In fact, Ford sold almost 3 million of these trucks over its lifetime.

The company even produced a truck that was larger than a tractor and sported a roof rack.

Ford also made several models of the Taus.

The first model to come out in 1965 was the T-Series, a four wheel-drive vehicle that featured a 5.8-liter, four-cylinder engine that produced 325 horsepower and 370 pound-ft of torque and was rated for a top speed of 50 mph.

The T-series also had an optional trailer with a 4×4-wheel drive system, which allowed the truck to haul up to 25 pounds of equipment, according the website.

The next Taurus was the Super Taurus.

The Super Tauras, which came out in 1968, was the first model with a 5-speed automatic transmission, according Ford’s site.

It had a 6.1-liter four-stroke V8 and was said to be one of its best-performing models.

The Super Taures, the final model Ford offered in 1968 and 1969, were smaller and had a 2.4-liter 4-cyl, with an automatic transmission.

The 6.7-liter engine was rated with 305 horsepower and 300 pound-force of torque at 3,800 RPM.

Ford sold over 4 million of the Super Taures.

In 1973, Ford introduced the T5, a three-wheeler that was said a huge hit with truckers and used as a full-size pickup with the standard 3.5-liter five-cylinders and a 7-speed transmission.

This model was one the best performing pickups on the market, according a website called the Ford T5 Review.

In addition to its performance, the truck offered a cargo capacity of more than 30,000 pounds and was available in either a flat bed or trailer.

The Ford F-150 is another truck that is considered to be a classic.

It’s also a classic truck that still sells.

The F-series Ford F150 pickup, which is considered a modern version of the F-100 pickup, was launched in 1983 and was offered in both pickup and SUV models.

It was also offered with a standard 5-spd engine and a 4-wheel automatic transmission that produced 400 horsepower and 480 pound-for-pound of torque on the base model.

The F-Series also came with a front-wheel lift kit, and the F150’s standard transmission offered an electric boost system that was claimed to give the truck more than 600 miles per charge.

The most recent F-15 was unveiled in 2017, and Ford announced plans to build its first production version of its new truck.

However, the first production F-35 would be built with a smaller engine, which would allow the F35 to carry a payload of 15,000 lbs

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