How Trump will deal with Congress

Donald Trump’s political future will depend on how much his team can sell him on his vision of a new America — and how much the GOP establishment can rally behind his agenda.

The question of how much Trump can sell is an especially tricky one in the face of a GOP leadership that is increasingly divided between factions on key policy issues like taxes, trade and health care.

The GOP is set to hold the majority in both houses of Congress this year and could take a majority in the Senate.

While there is much uncertainty about how many seats Republicans will control, there is no question that they are likely to take a lot of seats from Democrats.

The GOP has the most seats in the House, 51, with 52 seats up for grabs.

The Senate has 60 seats up in the hands of Democrats, with two vacancies to fill.

The top two Democratic candidates for Senate seats in 2018 are Senators Kamala Harris of California and Kamala D. Harris of New Jersey.

Democrats have the advantage in Senate races in states such as California, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, while Republicans are likely in deep trouble in Senate contests in Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and North Dakota.

With Trump on the ropes, Senate Republicans are set to have a difficult task to make up the difference in seats that remain.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has made clear that he will be looking to pass legislation as quickly as possible.

He will also be looking for Democrats to take some heat on tax cuts for the wealthy and the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Trump has made no secret that he would prefer to pass a health care bill quickly, but there is an increasing number of Republicans in the party who think that a health-care bill will take longer.

Sen. Susan Collins (R, Maine), for example, said recently that she would vote against any bill that includes a tax cut for the rich.

The other issue that Trump faces is the GOP’s efforts to pass tax cuts that benefit wealthy Americans.

Republican Sens.

John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina have been vocal about their support for the tax cuts, but they have been criticized for not offering much in the way of specifics about how they would pay for the measures.

On the campaign trail, Trump promised to be the first president to eliminate the estate tax, which applies to estates worth more than $5.45 million.

Trump also promised to lower taxes on investment income for the wealthiest Americans, including the owners of hedge funds and corporations, as well as the wealthy families who are paying taxes at a lower rate.

On Wednesday, Trump announced that he has signed an executive order to eliminate that tax on estates worth $5 million or more.

Trump has not provided specifics on how that would be paid for, but the order does not specifically address the estate-tax.

Democrats and Republicans have argued that the tax on wealth is regressive and disproportionately burdens the middle class, who are disproportionately taxed on the higher end of the income scale.

Republicans argue that Trump is not actually proposing to eliminate it.

Trump, for his part, has promised to eliminate both the estate and the individual tax rates.

The tax rate on estates of $5-million or more is currently 39.6 percent, while the top individual rate is 39.9 percent.

Trump also has not offered any details on what he plans to do about the health care law, although he has promised not to repeal it.

The Republican Party has said that he supports repealing the law, but he has not explicitly stated that he wants to keep it.

Republicans are also set to try to pass some major tax legislation this year, including tax cuts to the rich and corporations.

While Trump has vowed to eliminate taxes for the richest Americans, Republicans in Congress have not been willing to go as far as Trump on that promise.

Trump will be hoping that his health-related promises and tax cuts will attract Democrats to his side in the process.

In the end, Trump will have to navigate the GOP conference to get his agenda through the Senate, and that will be difficult given that the GOP holds the majority of seats in both chambers.

Democrats, on the other hand, have the ability to block the tax cut legislation in the future, and Republicans are unlikely to be able to pass any major legislation that would benefit the middle-class without Democrats in the majority.

Democrats are also likely to be under pressure from Trump and other Republicans in order to get their agenda passed.

Trump’s administration is also in a bind because of the growing national security threat posed by North Korea.

In the face, however, of the White House’s threat to take military action against North Korea, it would be hard for Trump to get the Senate to pass anything.

The Hill’s Reid J. Epstein contributed to this report.

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