Howa’s Derelict Cascadia chassis goes on sale for the first time

Howa, a major maker of custom motorcycle chassis, has announced that it has announced the Dereliction chassis, a high-performance chassis made from the body of an old moog motorcycle chassis.

The company says the chassis is currently available for sale at the Howa dealership.

The chassis is made from fiberglass, which was first used to make the famous bike, which is one of the world’s most recognizable and successful motorbikes.

In a statement, Howa said the chassis “has proven to be extremely durable, lightweight, and easy to build.”

“This unique chassis is capable of handling any conditions on the road,” Howa CEO Eric Howab said in the statement.

“Its versatility, durability, and ability to handle extreme conditions makes it a great candidate for the creation of an exotic motorbike chassis.”

The chassis was designed to withstand all types of conditions, including extreme temperatures, and has been built to provide the rider with the maximum level of performance possible on a motorcycle.

“It is truly a testament to our talented team, the quality materials used and the incredible engineering skills of our engineers.” “

We have created a unique motorcycle chassis for our customers in order to give them the ultimate performance,” Howab added.

“It is truly a testament to our talented team, the quality materials used and the incredible engineering skills of our engineers.”

The Deseliction chassis is not only incredibly durable, but also very lightweight.

According to Howab, it weighs less than half a pound.

The new chassis will be available in two configurations.

The first will include a high rider position and seat.

The second configuration will have a low rider position, a seat and high rider positioning.

The bike will go on sale in early 2016.

“This is the perfect way to get some of our customers excited about a new product,” Howat said in a statement.

Howab says the company is working with several manufacturers to build the chassis.

“For now, we’re making the chassis available for private and public purchase through our online shop,” Howata said.

“In the near future, we plan to bring the chassis to dealers in the U.S. and Europe, and to test drive the new chassis on some of the most demanding street circuits.

The next stage of our partnership will be to create the chassis for the new Yamaha FZ1.”

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