It’s time to put a stop to the tube chassis

By Chris O’ConnorPosted March 06, 2018 07:37:48 It’s hard to believe it’s been almost five years since we last heard from Mercedes-Benz and the tube-chassis suspension is the one suspension that hasn’t gone away.

With the first of its models in 2017, the company announced that it would be introducing a tube chassis version of the R18 S, one that would be able to accommodate a fully revised suspension setup that would have been designed for the upcoming 2020-2021 model year.

The R18 chassis, which was supposed to be built in Europe, was scrapped and the R12S chassis that had been designed by the company was also scrapped, leaving us with the R20S, which had been developed at Mercedes’ own facilities.

The R20 suspension, which is now being tested in the US, is the first tube chassis chassis to be produced in the UK, although the R10S is also expected to see its tube chassis debut soon.

What makes the R19 S, R20 S and R20 chassis so interesting is that it looks and feels much like the chassis we saw in the original R18S.

The front suspension is made of a stiffer coil spring which is designed to help it grip the road.

The rear suspension uses a stiff, coil spring suspension design, which means it is able to be more agile in cornering.

The brakes on the tube suspension are designed to be lighter, but are also designed to respond to different road conditions.

This means that the R16S, R16, R17 and R18 can all be fitted with ABS on the front and rear.

The chassis is also much more than a simple chassis.

It’s capable of performing various driving tasks, like braking, accelerating, and shifting gears.

We also like that the chassis can be fitted to a wider range of road surfaces than the standard R18.

The suspension also has the capability of shifting from street to city, which makes the chassis even more capable than before.

There are also differentials, which help to improve the handling of the chassis, and a rear spoiler, which helps to provide extra grip.

The suspension works well, and has a lot of the attributes that made the R17S, a tube-suspension model, so popular.

The chassis is capable of handling both road and city driving, and can even be fitted on a number of different types of roads.

The tube suspension, while not ideal for street driving, is also very easy to drive on a city road.

When it comes to performance, the tube is also capable of making a big difference.

The ride is quite plush, with a lot less feedback than a conventional tube chassis, as well as being able to handle the twisty roads of a city.

We wouldn’t want to drive the tube on a road that’s too steep or muddy, so the R22S suspension is suitable for any road surface.

If you’re a fan of tube chassis suspensions, you’ll want to check out the R23S, as it will be one of the first R18s that we see for the 2020-21 model.

This chassis, while still a tube, is able of handling the twistier city roads of today.

However, it doesn’t have the same suspension stability as the R25S, so it can be more difficult to find the perfect suspension setup.

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