How to swap the Audi A8 for the Subaru WRX – and its less-expensive twin-turbo engine

A new, more powerful and affordable car is a real possibility for some people.

But for others, the prospect of buying a brand new car is just too tempting.

And, as this BBC Sport article from January shows, it can be hard to get your head around the cost and size of the car you want.

Read moreRead moreThere are a few ways to tackle that.

The easiest option is to just buy the cheapest car you can afford.

That’s the approach taken by a pair of British buyers who, in a bid to tackle the “pink economy”, bought an Audi A9, an older model of the brand, and then upgraded it to a WRX STI.

The car is now priced at around £25,000.

It’s not cheap.

But it’s a fair way of making a fair price comparison.

In fact, this is the same model as the £30,000 Audi A4 that the couple drove home to their home in the West Midlands, as part of a series of driving tests.

They also took the car to a local dealership, where they were able to compare the car’s range and weight against similar models.

What they foundThe WRX has been outsold by the Audi.

The A9 is ahead, with the WRX getting the majority of the headlines, but it is only slightly ahead of the STI, with a difference of 0.4 litres between the two.

The WRx is much more powerful than the A9.

It’s got a much more aggressive turbocharged engine and has a more powerful 4.0-litre V6.

It also has a bigger boot, bigger front brakes and a higher suspension setup.

The WRX is slightly longer and narrower.

It also has some new technologies, such as an electronic stability control, which reduces the car in a roll, and adaptive cruise control, that allows the driver to react quickly to changing road conditions.

The Audi is a bit more expensive, but that’s mainly because the WRx has a higher price tag, too.

Its main selling point is that it’s more fuel efficient, so the WRis a more practical car for those who are looking to get a few extra miles on the gallon.

The A9 and the STi are two different cars.

The one with the new engine has more torque and power, and the other is much smaller, with less power.

It all makes sense, but the real question is, how do you know if the WR will work for you?

It’s a good question, and a good reason to take the car out for a drive.

If you’re in the market for a car that is more fuel-efficient, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a better deal.

It might not be as fast or as powerful as a Ford Fiesta or BMW i3, but if you want to buy the best deal on a car, the WR X will give you the most bang for your buck.

It may not be quite as fast as a Ferrari 458 Italia or Porsche 918 Spyder, but with the car and the technology, it will make for a much safer, more comfortable driving experience than any other model in the WR lineup.

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