How to fix the Tesla Model 3 without a new steering wheel

Posted September 27, 2018 03:01:08 Tesla Motors is working on a new “wheel” in the Model 3 that will let it drive like a traditional car, but without any pedals.

The company announced the new system on Monday during a press event in California.

It looks like a little thing, but the company is calling it “the new steering system,” a reference to the old Tesla Wheel.

While the company hasn’t revealed details of what exactly it is, there is a hint in the video below.

The video says the system is “a first in the industry,” but we’ll have to wait until the company makes it official.

Tesla didn’t release any details on how much the system will cost, or how it will work.

The wheel itself will be a “toy” made of aluminum and plastic that will measure 10 inches in diameter.

It will come in two versions, the “Tailor Edition” and the “Lift Edition.”

The “Lose” version, which is a prototype, is basically a “rear-mounted” version of the wheel.

The “Tails” version is a version that has the wheel on top of the body.

There’s a bit of a catch: the wheel is meant to “stick” to the body when not in use, but it’s not clear how the company will be able to do that when the Model III goes on sale.

Tesla has also said that it is working with OEMs to make the wheels as “safe and reliable” as possible, so it’s unclear how they will be manufactured.

Tesla says the company has worked with OEM manufacturers to make parts for the new wheel, but there are also rumors of parts made by the company made by other manufacturers.

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