How to get the perfect fit on your Tesla Model S in 2016

It’s been almost a decade since Tesla started selling a car with a folding roof, but the company has yet to release an all-wheel drive Model S. Now, the company is launching a new roof that will fold down to fit the Model S, and it’s not cheap.

The new roof is the first for the Tesla Model X, which launched in 2016.

While Tesla says the new roof can fold down in half to accommodate the new Model X and the Model X crossover, it can’t fold completely into the back, which would be ideal for the Model 3.

In addition, the roof won’t fold all the way down to the top of the Model Model 3, which is supposed to be a bigger car than the Model 4.

That means it will only be available for the first 100,000 Model 3s that Tesla makes.

So far, the Model E and Model 3 haven’t been available with all-electric roofs.

We’ve seen the Model SE and Model X have electric roof models, but it’s been pretty limited.

Tesla has also said that it is planning to release the Model Y and Model S with electric roofs in 2018, but that hasn’t happened yet.

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