How to fix the Ford GT’s rear spoilers | ESPN car magazine

Updated February 23, 2019 12:04:08 Ford is making a major update to its GT lineup, but not all are pleased with the changes.

A new rear spoiler, the Triple X chassis, and a new front spoiler are all slated for the 2018 Ford GT.

The new spoiler, which was created specifically for the GT, will have a 1.5″ (5.6 cm) diameter, and will feature a steel mesh in the center.

It also features a polycarbonate backing and a flexible hinge.

Ford also plans to add a new center console.

“It’s designed to support the weight of the car, not just the car itself. “

The new material is very strong,” Leiterson said.

“It’s designed to support the weight of the car, not just the car itself.

It has more strength and is more durable than aluminum.”

The Triple X will be a limited edition option, and it’s priced at $1,499, which is a $1k increase from the regular GT.

Leitson says the new rear end is designed for a long wheelbase and is designed to be a bit wider than the GT’s front.

The front wheelbase is 8.3 inches (21 cm), and the rear is 8 inches (22 cm).

The new front wheel is designed specifically for use in a 3.5-liter V6, which can go as high as 3,500 RPM, and the new front end is also designed to help maintain a long track record of reliability and reliability.

The triple x chassis is also new for 2018, and is built on a steel frame and a composite material.

It will have an axle on the top of the front and a center console on the rear.

It features a unique shape that is reminiscent of a triple axle.

Ford is also changing the rear bumper and rear spoiler designs for the 2019 Ford GT, which will have larger front and rear bumpers and larger rear bumper.

The changes will come in 2019 models and will include a new spoiler that will have the same size as the existing rear spoiler.

Ford also plans a new rear wing and a redesigned rear spoiler that features a metal mesh and a thin plastic backing.

The wings will be larger and longer than the existing wing and will also feature a smaller center of gravity.

Ford says it will begin offering the new Triple X and Triple X rear wing in 2019 and will start selling the 2019 GT for $1.9k more than the regular model.

Ford says the Triple x and Triple x wing design are designed for the rear, while the Triplex wing design is designed exclusively for the front.

Ford has also announced the 2019 Mustang will receive a larger rear spoiler to help improve aerodynamics.

“These changes will improve the aerodynamics of the Mustang and help make it more comfortable to drive,” Ford said.

The 2019 Mustang’s rear spoiler will feature an air filtration system that will help to reduce the air pressure inside the car.

It’ll be rated at a total of 3.8 pounds (1.8 kilograms) of air pressure and can reach a maximum of 13.4 pounds (5 kg).

The new rear spoilers are also rated at 7.8 pound (4.3 kg).

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