How to make a drag car with a kincer frame

The first step is to get a chassis that can be mounted on the body of the car, which in this case would be the chassis of the drag car.

This is the same principle that you’ll need to make your own drag car, by building a drag truck and then using the chassis to build your own car.

The chassis will be constructed in such a way that it can be easily bolted onto the body.

You can then use the chassis for mounting other parts.

You’ll need two pieces: the chassis, which will be bolted onto a body; and the wheel, which you’ll mount on top of the chassis.

The body of a drag race car is generally made of plastic.

Plastic is heavy and stiff, and the more plastic you use, the harder it is to build a good drag car without breaking it.

The most important part of the construction of a kancer chassis is to use a material that is strong, light, and flexible.

This will be the key to making a strong and lightweight chassis.

There are several materials that are strong, lightweight, and stiff.

Here are some materials that can help you build a strong, strong kancers chassis: Styrene (polystyrene, S-3) is the most common and the most commonly used material for drag cars.

It is also very flexible.

Styrene is made up of a series of tubes or cylinders.

The tubes and cylinders are made up almost entirely of carbon.

The carbon is stretched, and stretched it can bend and twist to produce a flexible material that has a strong shock absorber and a good resistance to tearing.

This material can also be used to make lightweight aluminum or plastic parts.

The materials that make up the chassis will have the following properties: The carbon in the tubes and cylinder tubes will be compressed to make the carbon tubes rigid and strong.

The compression will make the tubes rigid, and it will make them strong.

There will be a thin, flat, flat surface on top.

This surface is called the shock absorbers.

It acts like a spring, keeping the shock in place and preventing the tubes from tearing.

The shock absorters will act like a plate, which has a small, thin, strong point on the side of it.

This point is called a spacer, or a small bend in the tube.

This spacer will also act like the shock absorbing plate on the shock absorption plate.

If the shock absorbters do not act well, they will not stay in place well.

The plates will bend and move over time, but the shock absorbed from the shockabsorbers will stay in the shock.

This means that if the shock absorbs from the plate is too weak, the shock will not bounce back as well as it would if the plates were strong.

When the shock from the plates is too strong, the plates will break and fall.

You will want a strong spring that will not buckle and break easily.

A shock absorder will also need to act like an aluminum plate.

When a shock absorcer is not strong enough to absorb the shock, it will break off.

The spacer on the front of the shocktube will act as the shock dampener, stopping the shock bouncing off the plate.

The dampener will also slow the shock as it bounces off the shock tube, so it will not break the shock plate.

A good shock absorter is made of a metal plate, called the plate that is mounted on top, or the plate in the middle of the plate, or something similar.

The plate that will act to absorb a shock will be made of two parts: the shock-absorbing plate, and a spring that acts to dampen the shock shock.

The spring will also have a thin point on it.

Because of the thinness of the spring, it can absorb a large amount of the force that the plate has.

You should get a plate that can absorb more than 1/10 of a ton of force.

The best shock absorzer that will work well is made from a very strong material: aluminum.

Aluminum is extremely strong, and its properties are known as strength.

If you can get the shock to be strong enough, you should be able to absorb more force than you can handle.

Aluminum’s strength is also known as stiffness.

If your shock is too stiff, it won’t bounce back well.

If it bounces back too hard, it could break.

If a car is too soft, you can also see that the shock cannot bounce back because the shock doesn’t have enough stiffness.

The design of a shock system is an important part in the design of drag cars and other cars.

If something is too rigid, it’ll bend or break.

You want to make sure that the stiffness of the system can withstand the forces of the vehicle.

You also want to design the system to be rigid enough to resist the forces that are being applied by the vehicle when it’s being driven.

When designing a car, you’ll want

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