Why you should pick a 2017 Sage ebr as a roadster chassis

The Sage ebbs are getting ready for the long haul.

The ebr was originally introduced in 2019 as a mid-engined sports car with a range of powertrains.

The 2018 model will now be offered in the mid-range model.

That’s the car that Sage is calling the ebr S, the same name as the current Sage ebm that it was based on, but with a wider range of options.

The Sage ebs will be available with either a 5-cylinder or 7-cyliner engine, with the 5- cylinder engine being a naturally aspirated unit and the 7- cylinder being a turbocharged one.

The base engine, however, is the 4.4-litre EcoBoost turbocharged unit that powers the 2018 ebb S.

Both the 5 and 7 cylinder engines have a range, starting at 320 kilometres.

The 4.0-litres engine in the 2018 model is a direct-injected six-cylinders.

Both engines have the same four-speed automatic transmission.

Both models come with ABS and traction control.

The rear axle is also a six-speed.

The 2019 Sage ebb is expected to hit showrooms in late 2019.

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