House GOP says they won’t vote to kill MPA chassis bill

The House on Wednesday voted against a bill that would allow manufacturers to sell vehicles built on the U.S.-made MPA-50 chassis.

The legislation, the Protect MPA Vehicle from U.K. imports Act, passed in the House but was stripped from the Senate floor for now.

The House passed the legislation after Democrats and a handful of Republicans said they would not support it.

The MPA was designed to replace the venerable Taurus TBM chassis, which has been in production since the 1950s.

The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday approved a U.C.N.-led embargo on imports of U.M.A. cars and trucks made with the MPA.

The ban applies to vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of over 100,000 pounds and is aimed at deterring the sale of cars and heavy trucks to countries with a record of human rights violations.

U.J.H.D. spokesperson Jonathan Wachtel said in a statement that the company supports the U-M.

A U.

H-H.B. spokesman said the company was reviewing the legislation and would take a position on its passage.

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