Imca modified car chassis lookup

A company in India is selling modified chassis to auto companies, the Tata Group said on Tuesday.

The Tata Group has been in the business of modifying vehicles since 1988, but has made it one of its main business objectives to develop vehicles in India.

Tata Motors, which owns the Tata group, is developing a range of chassis for its trucks.

The company’s chief executive Gopal Rai said that a new chassis has been created specifically for its truck fleet.

“It’s a new vehicle chassis with a different powertrain and it is built to suit different segments of the auto industry, including passenger cars, utility vehicles, and sport utility vehicles,” Rai said.

“It is one of the largest modifications to a vehicle that Tata has ever done.

It has the capability to make vehicles that are more agile, faster, and safer than they are today.”

The Tata modified chassis is the first car in the company’s fleet that can be converted into a truck.

In a statement, the company said that it has already received over 200 requests for its modified chassis.

According to Rai, it is the biggest conversion project that Tata Motors has undertaken.

A Tata modified car is a compact car with a new engine, transmission, and other modifications, which can be driven by an Indian passenger or a foreign driver.

The vehicle is meant for Indian and foreign drivers.

Earlier, in February, Tata Motors launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for a “New Car” based on its new modified chassis concept.

Takata Motor’s campaign has been met with praise from both India and the United States.

A group of Indian engineers from Tata Motors and Tata Motors’ U.S. engineering team have also been invited to the U.K. to develop a similar concept.

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