What’s inside the Pathfinder chassis

In the past, many of us would have thought of the Pathfinder, a big, expensive SUV that was originally designed for a different era, a time when the automotive industry was still largely in its infancy.

It had been a car in a different time, and it was a big SUV with a big price tag.

But as its popularity soared, it became the first of its kind: a compact SUV that’s more than a little reminiscent of an SUV that started life as a mini-van.

Today, the Pathfinder is in a much better position than it was at its peak.

The Pathfinder is still a big car, but it’s smaller, and cheaper to make, than its predecessors.

And the design of the interior, from its basic design to its design language, is so much simpler that it’s a real joy to drive.

In the new Pathfinder, the cabin is the same as in the original Pathfinder.

There’s a big dashboard with the same basic setup as in a minivan, with a touchscreen, navigation, and a full-sized center console.

But the Pathfinder has been trimmed down, with only the driver’s seat and a small rear cargo area.

Instead, the interior is dominated by a flat-screen TV.

You can see the dashboard, the instrument panel, and the center console with the driver seat fully reclined.

And, like the minivan version, the dashboard is a touchscreen.

The car is a lot smaller than the minivans, which made the Pathfinder the car of choice for many young, urbanites, even when it was being developed in the 1970s and 1980s.

Today the Pathfinder’s design is very much alive, and that makes it a great option for people who want a small car but want to be comfortable.

The interior of the SUV is similar to the original, and its basic layout still looks similar to a minivan.

But you’ll find that the Pathfinder now has the basics down: a touchscreen display, a full size dash, and, most important, a center console that’s large enough to fit a large television.

The center console is larger and slightly smaller than a minigolf, which is where the Pathfinder originally sat.

The minivan had a full sized center console, with the center touchscreen.

And that center touchscreen is the best place to start for most people.

The touchscreen screen has a small dot at the top that can be used to navigate through the menu of available options.

The option on the right side of the touchscreen has a larger dot, with more options, so you can scroll through the menus faster.

The navigation screen is a much more simplified layout than what you find in the minigoom.

Instead of using a map or dial, you have two lines that can intersect and form a circle: the one on the left, the one at the right.

The one on top of the circle can be pressed to change the direction.

And on the bottom, you’ll see an icon that indicates you have the option to lock the car, which you can do by pressing the center button.

The only thing the center screen is missing from the Pathfinder today is a larger, larger display that you can see behind the seat, but that’s just to give you a feel of what the interior of this SUV is like.

The buttons at the center of the center stack are on the far left side of this screen.

It’s very easy to hit the center on the Pathfinder with a finger.

And because the Pathfinder doesn’t have a center screen, the driver has to use the touchpad to control the vehicle’s steering wheel and pedals.

That’s an easy enough task, especially for those who aren’t familiar with driving on a tablet or smartphone.

The driver also has the option of steering the vehicle with his or her thumb, or the wheel of the steering wheel.

It feels good to be able to feel how the wheels are spinning, and because the center-mounted buttons are in front of the driver, the touchpads are a lot more responsive.

And you can use the center to navigate the entire interior, even if you’re using the touchscreen.

You’ll find two seats with adjustable headrests, a small infotainment system, and even a small speaker.

But, like any modern car, the center seat is not the best for driving, and this is a vehicle that’s designed for people with a lot of mobility needs.

For that, the seats are adjustable, with one seat being the most comfortable, while the other seat is just right for people whose legs and feet are too long to move the entire car.

And while the Pathfinder only has two seats, the company says it’s still able to fit two people in one seat.

You might expect that the seats would feel uncomfortable, but they’re not.

The seats are well padded and the padding on the outside is very supportive.

And although the Pathfinder does have a lot going for it, the big problem is that the steering of the vehicle is very light, so people

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