RC crawler-style chassis for ‘Big Future’ racer

With the release of its new RC crawlers and its new racer in 2018, Big Future has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Built around the same chassis as its predecessor, Big Futures RC crawling crawlers are a bit more modern, offering a quad-core ARM Cortex A15 CPU with a 256-bit memory and up to a 3,200mAh battery.

The RC crawlings are also designed with the aid of a quadcopter, so it can fly on a single battery, and can carry up to 20 pounds of payload.

This is achieved through a combination of custom-built electronics, and a pair of “Triple X” chassis, which is a triple-rotor chassis that has three motors attached to the front and rear of it.

The front quadrotor, which rotates the front end of the RC crawller, is controlled by a 3D accelerometer, while the rear quadrotors are controlled by two 3D gyros.

The rear quadrotor uses a similar control system to the RC quadracks, which were developed in the mid-2000s.

It is also possible to swap the rear motors to be a quadrotoneer, while using the same controls, and both of these configurations can be configured to be powered by a single AA battery.

For the new RC Crawlers, BigFuture has opted for a quad rotor design.

A quadrotron is a single-rotorside quadcopters chassis, similar to a quadricycle.

The motors are driven by two motors connected to the chassis, while an inverter controls the voltage output.

A similar controller can be used to control the rear of a tri-rototron.

It was developed by a team of engineers at a Chinese research institute, and has been widely used in aerospace and military applications.

This design also offers the benefit of being lightweight and easily transportable.

The Big Futurers RC crawls are capable of up to 10.5 meters (26 feet) per hour, which means they can be capable of traversing steep terrain and traversing a wide range of heights.

BigFuture also added a pair the dual-axis GPS system for its crawlers, which provides an in-flight location and altitude data.

In the case of the CrawlerX, the crawler’s GPS system was also mounted in the bottom of the chassis to help locate the crawlers’ location.

These features are meant to make crawlers more reliable, while also providing an advantage in aerodynamics, since the crawls’ main rotor is not mounted directly to the bottom.

All of these components help BigFuture build a new breed of RC crawlings, which will soon become the standard in the industry.

The latest version of the crawlers is still in the testing phase, but they are expected to be released to the public this year.

The crawlers have a range of speeds from 10 to 50 meters per second, and they can take off vertically up to 100 meters (330 feet) with the right piloting.

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